Custom Design are experts when it comes to bedrooms, and whatever you are looking for, we will have an interior to match your needs. We want to provide our customers with as much choice as possible, to ensure they can craft a home that is perfectly styled to their individual needs and can keep up with the practicalities of home life. That is why we offer such a large range of bedroom styles. Whether you prefer traditional and timeless, or contemporary and modern styles, you will find something that suits you within our extensive collection.

One of the greatest assets of choosing a local independent designer, manufacturer, and installer is the amount of control it allows you in the process of creating your bedroom. Our team are always keen to help you achieve your goals, and welcome challenges. We offer a completely free and no obligation quote to take measurements within your bedroom and provide all the designs and inspiration you need to make your perfect bedroom a reality.

As all of our designs are created onsite by our dedicated and knowledgeable team, there is a level of customisation available to all of our customers. It doesn’t matter if your particular bedroom space incorporates challenges and intricacies, as we can take a personalised approach to managing them. The bedroom is perhaps the space within the home where customisation becomes most integral. We at Custom Design know this, and that is why we have built customisation so strongly into our business model. We offer designs in a range of colours and styles, often being able to match the exact hue you are looking for. The flexibility within our design process truly is endless and ensures every single one of our customers is happy with the results and loves their new and improved bedroom.

Bedroom spaces vary massively within individual homes. The requirements of a newly built house are going to be very different from an older home, as are the requirements from a room with a high ceiling very different from that of an attic room. All of our fittings are made to measure with your particular room requirements in mind. Nowhere is this more important than with wardrobes. We can customise all of our wardrobe designs to fit your bedroom and maximise the available space within your home.

If you are looking for a new bedroom crafted by independent home interior experts, look no further. Contact us today to make an appointment for your no-obligation quote and make your dream bedroom a reality.